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Troy Owner/Operator

Kastle Klean is a full service Commercial and Industrial cleaning company, serving Sarnia and surrounding areas. Businesses know that the cleanliness of their building is a reflection of their own commitment to quality and professionalism.  The success of our company depends on our ability to make our clients’ workplace not only look clean in appearance, but also be a healthier environments to work in.

When looking for a janitorial service provider you’ll be presented with a multitude of options, and oftentimes it’s very difficult to differentiate one janitorial business from another.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for a consumer to continuously switch between different janitorial cleaning service companies until they find the right one.  Luckily, with our janitorial service you’ll be spared the copious amounts of time most businesses/consumers usually spend searching for the right fit – With us you’re guaranteed your satisfaction.  Here are just a few attributes that put us far ahead of other companies providing similar services.

As a company we take pride in going above and beyond the normal expectations set for janitorial service providers.  We make sure we stay up to date with any industry improvements, and keep a solid team of efficient employees that are qualified to work on any task we hand them.  We make it a point to maintain our quality work; you’ll see the same high-quality service as long as you choose to remain with us.

Kastle Klean Features:

* Complete office cleaning
* Floor Maintenance
* Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning
* Window Cleaning
* Green Cleaning
* Fully Trained Staff
* Quality Inspections
* Insured and Bonded
*New* Germ Infection Prevention

Kastle Klean Benefits:

* Healthier Working Environment
* Peace of Mind
* On going commitment to quality of service
* Open and honest communication
* Competitive Pricing with your budget in mind

Whether you are looking for a daily, weekly or monthly clean, Kastle Klean is here for you.  We work with you to create the best cleaning schedule for your needs. Kastle Klean provides expert office cleaning whether you are a small business, a large national corporation or a government agency, Kastle Klean provides your facility with expert cleaning services at reasonable pricing. Our commercial cleaning services include scheduled office cleaning, building maintenance, floor maintenance, restroom cleaning and window cleaning.

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