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Advanced Method of Disinfection

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Methods of Disinfection

There are 3 main methods of disinfection. Spraying (spray bottle or pump sprayer), Fogging and the advanced way, Electrostatic Spraying.  The first two, spraying and fogging, are not as effective as the disinfectant mist cannot cover all areas of the given surface.  The coverage is not even and thus not all surfaces are disinfected.  Plus the sprayed and fogged disinfectant hangs in the air again not covering all areas.

Hand Spraying

Dwell time which is the time that the disinfectant must remain on the surface for it to properly kill any viruses or germs is not achieved as well with spraying and fogging.  The most advanced method of disinfecting and that will be used by Kastle Klean is by using an Electrostatic Sprayer.

The Better Way of Disinfecting

From door handles to keyboards, bacteria quickly builds-up on every surface of commercial and residential spaces, spreading contagious illnesses, like the flu and strep throat. And now with the outbreak of coronavirus overseas, a sanitary environment is more important than ever. However, bacteria and other tiny particles can be impossible to fully eliminate with traditional disinfecting and sanitizing methods. To really stop illnesses from spreading, you need a new solution: electrostatic spray technology.

Electrostatic Spraying

Across industries there is a need for advanced technology that applies cleaning, coating and disinfectants more effectively, more efficiently and with greater convenience.

Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying

  • TOUCHLESS APPLICATION.   There is no need to touch or wipe the surfaces (dependent on solution spraying). This provides a fast and effective application method, while using less solution.
  • REDUCE CROSS CONTAMINATION  In most cases, a spray-and-wipe technique can move bacteria from one surface to another. Cross contamination can be considerably reduced due to the touchless effect of the Victory Sprayer.
  • LIQUID ADHESION & COVERAGE  Using the electrostatic sprayers will enable a quick and effective chemical application. As fully-charged droplets hit the surface they create an even spread. Particles hold their cationic charge for approx. 2-3 seconds – preventing drips.  This allows the solution to cover hidden and shadowed areas, and also enables you to cover a large area in a small amount of time. These sprayers have been designed to meet dwell times for solutions so they can work to their full capabilities
  • ELECTROSTATIC WRAPPING  (The cool and highly effective benefit of electrostatic spraying) When you spray a solution charged with electrostatics, the solution will wrap conductive surfaces.  Victory Sprayers provide a patent pending system for broad and safe use.
  • PORTABILITY  Our Sprayers are light weight, cordless, and can be easily taken anywhere!
  • ECO FRIENDLY  Our sprayers give an eco-friendly approach to disinfection by spraying up to 65% less chemicals per square foot.

These sprayers are being used to reduce bacteria, viruses and fungi in schools, financial institutions, offices, medical facilities and daycares to protect your world. Besides using these sprayers we also use disinfectants that have been approved by Health Canada and the Government of Canada that have been certified to kill Covid 19.

Please watch the short videos below to see these sprayers in action and where they can be used.

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