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Most companies understand the need for recycling and the importance of protecting our environment. We’re proud of the fact that the chemical we use are “Green” and are made especially to protect the environment. But did you know that Green Cleaning, in combination with Cleaning for Health, will also help protect your tenants, clients, patients, visitors, and employees? A full one third of all cleaning chemicals regularly used in commercial settings contain ingredients that are harmful, and even deadly, to humans.

Yet even with this knowledge, many companies shy away from Green Cleaning and Cleaning for Health simply because it sounds expensive. However, facts show that Green Cleaning and Cleaning for Health will actually save you money. Lots of it. How?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cited chemical cleaners and substandard cleaning methods and inadequate cleaning equipment as significant contributors to indoor air pollution. According to the Report to Congress on Indoor Air Quality, August 1989, the EPA “concluded that it was reasonable to estimate that the costs of indoor air pollution were in the tens of billions of dollars per year. The major types of economic costs associated with indoor air pollution are direct medical costs for people whose health is affected by poor indoor air quality and who receive treatment; lost productivity from absence due to illness; decreased efficiency on the job; and materials and equipment damages due to exposure to indoor air pollutants.”(ref:2)

The EPA has found that by using “green” cleaners, companies can see a tangible reduction in costs by way of reduced product pricing and bulk purchasing opportunities, and more importantly, through reduced workers compensation claims and improved employee productivity. (ref:3) Combine approved cleaning chemicals with proper cleaning methods and you have a win-win, as in take the money to the bank, situation.

Special microfiber cloths that stop cross contamination, remove dust, bacteria, and germs up to 5 times better than traditional cleaning cloths
Vacuums that have HEPA filters that control and cut down dust and air particulates by 90%
Careful attention to disease transfer points such as telephone receivers and door knobs
Green cleaners with effectual disinfectants that actually kill the germs that make your tenants, clients, patients, visitors, and employees sick